Above Uns

At Lindau Apartments, we clean, arrange, and decorate the apartments with the goal of making you feel at home. Staying in an apartment at Lindau Apartments makes you feel (quickly) at home. Wir eingerichtet jede Wohnung so, wie wir es lieben, um einen Raum für Leben zu gestalten, nicht nur für Schlafen.

Why Lindau Apartments

  • Self Check-In 
    We provide independent screening for our visitors. Our goal is to have a contact-free stay whenever possible.
  • Expertly cleaned
    Our team adheres to the highest standards when it comes to cleaning. Every apartment is thoroughly cleaned in between each visit.
  • Apartments for Well-Being
    Every one of our apartments is perfect for working and relaxing at the same time. Every apartment has a fast wireless network and everyday necessities.

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